Services / Staff Training

Being independent we have direct access to a wide range of industry leading manufacturers, whilst this helps us get our clients the best packages available the challenges come when we replace existing equipment with a more modern alternative.

It is very important to us that any equipment our clients entrust us with is being used to its full capacity, there is nothing worse than seeing staff members operating equipment without knowing the full capabilities of the machine.

Ensuring the correct operation of your machine not only guarantees the full benefit of your investment, ultimately it can save money on utility and staff costs.

With this in mind we offer full staff training on all equipment purchased via ourselves, generally this is facilitated by our own in house training department however we are supported heavily through all of our suppliers, a service that I turn is passed on to our own clients.

Whilst we take full responsibility for the initial staff training upon any new installation we can only advise if and when we feel your staff and team are in need of some further product training.

it could be for the efficient operating of a water softener on your dishwasher, or a drying temperature control on your tumble dryer.

If you feel any or all of your operations team, and ultimately your business would benefit from some product training call us today.