Services / Equipment

Being independent offers MJ Services and our clients direct access to the worlds leading manufacturers, our experience allows us to recommend various strengths and weaknesses on certain products and parts, this providing our clients with not only the correct solution for them but also the strongest long term service.

There are no one size fits all equipment manufacturers, our independence allows us to specify the strongest solution for your laundry and kitchens daily demands.



MJ Services are capable of providing the most efficient laundry solutions for you and your business, this could be a combination of semi commercial and fully commercial equipment, whatever the outcome our main objective is to ensure the equipment is capable of coping with your specific processing requirements.




Whether you are looking to provide your office staff with simple rapid draw off tea and coffee making facilities, or you are working with a client who requires very specific combination cooking methods, MJ Services have all of these solutions for you.






For all your kitchen requirements we can manufacture and design, ventilation/extraction systems, work benches and sinks to suit. All requirements can be styled to fit in with your existing or chosen catering equipment.