New Website Launched

MJ Services are pleased to share its new website to both our existing and ever growing client base, the website is an important part of what is a new, slightly fresher look MJ Services for 2018.

Having introduced some subtle marketing changes over the last 12 months we will be continuing to develop our image and presence not only on a localised level but also on a national level.

Being independent we are constantly looking at innovative ways to improve the way we are marketing ourselves to our clients, now having a dedicated marketing team taking care of things on a daily basis we believe our presence will go from to strength to strength.

With the help of our colleagues at Laser Red we have tried to create a very simple free flowing search engine that very quickly identifies the full offering here at MJ Services.

Call us old fashioned but in a modern age when conversation is vastly becoming a thing of the past we still see the true value in speaking to our clients so that we can understand their individual needs.

Hopefully the new website (without chapter and verse) highlights who we are and what we do encouraging any potential clients to pick up the phone.

If you are being newly introduced to MJ Services please take the time to browse our services and find out all about us today……………..